Funintended Consequences

January 10, 2012

Porn producers will not take this lying down.  Or in the shorts.  They’ll just pass along the higher costs to their customers, putting a good time beyond the means of more middle-class wankers.  Oh, or they’ll just shoot outside L.A. City limits.

The Los Angeles City Council has given preliminary approval to a pioneering local government effort to require porn actors to wear condoms during filming — a move that will allow the city to avoid a costly election on the issue later this year.

An ordinance tentatively approved Tuesday would require those seeking film permits in the city to require the use of condoms and impose a fee to cover the costs of set inspections. It is the first of its kind for any city in the nation, supporters of the measure said. State law already requires adult actors to wear protection during filming, but safe-sex advocates say it is rarely enforced.

Given the way L.A.’s elected officials treat their citizens, I’m tempted to say that they should have to wear condoms to work.  But I won’t.

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