Born to Run His Mouth

March 15, 2012

John Boot at PJ Media calls out Bruce Springsteen for the Boss’s new album, which Boot says has an unambiguous Occupy theme.

On the most incendiary song on Wrecking Ball, “Death to My Hometown,” whose title sounds like some sort of al-Qaeda parody of eighties-era Springsteen, the Boss ventures even further. The song sounds like a traditional Irish fighting anthem, and he apparently feels that the old-timey feel gives him cover to say exactly what he’s thinking about how bankers — “vultures,” “marauders,” “greedy thieves” and flesh-eaters — allegedly came to town and ruined everything:

No cannonball did fly
nor rifles cut us down
no bombs fell from the sky
no blood soaked the ground
…but just as sure as the hand o’ God
they brought death to my hometown
…they destroyed our families’ factories
and they took our homes
they left our bodies
on the plains
the vultures picked our bones…

At this point Springsteen urges his audience to shoot the evildoers.

So listen up my sonny boy
be ready when they come
for they’ll be returning
sure as the rising sun
…send the robber barons straight to hell

To make it clear how the robber barons should be sent to hell, the song climaxes with the sound of a rifle or shotgun being cocked and fired.

The image of stadia across the country and around the world filled with 20,000 Boomers who’ve each paid more than $100 per ticket to stand and shake their fists in righteous rock ‘n’ roll anger along with a man whose net worth no doubt puts him front-row center of the 1 percent is proof positive (as if any more were necessary) that on the seventh day, He didn’t rest; instead, He created irony.

P.T. Barnum, call your publicist.

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