Spring By Any Other Name Isn’t

September 15, 2012

A lead character in Edward Albee’s play American Dream proudly shows off her new beige hat, then is complimented by a friend on its wheat color.  So with irony being Albee’s intention, she hurries back to the store and complains.

Which brings us to today’s Los Angeles Times:

Anti-American violence sweeping the Muslim world has brought a sobering reminder in the West that the heady revolutions of the “Arab Spring” that removed entrenched dictatorships in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have yet to bring democracy and stability to the region.

When do we get to hurry back to the nomenclature store for a refund? No matter what happens or how many people die, we keep calling it the Arab Spring.  Come on, Arab world, start cooperating and act like it’s spring, dammit! What part of spring don’t you people get?

Oh, maybe it’s the part where spring in Los Angeles is fall in Australia.

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LukeHandCool September 17, 2012 at 10:43 am

In Japan, the cherry blossoms herald the beginning of spring.

They soon fall … and in Japan this somberly symbolizes the impermanent, fleeting nature of life.

Draw what parallels with the media’s initial euphoria which you may.


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