Proving that “Islamic Fashion” is no oxymoron

January 26, 2013

In Albee’s American Dream, Mommy adores her new beige hat until a friend refers to it as wheat-colored, at which point she angrily hurries back to the store and demands a refund.

For some reason, that scene came to mind as I read this:

Islamic clothing is getting a bit more hip in Southern California.

Home to one of the largest Muslim communities in the nation, the Southland has become fertile ground for a new generation of designers crafting clothes for women who are limited by faith and conviction from flashing too much skin. …

“Trying to conform to Muslim dress codes, you get stuck in a rut of black, black, black all the time,” said Ahmed, 26. “It’s definitely very difficult, especially in the U.S. You want to fit in, but still be appropriately dressed.” …

Fashion shows such as “Fashion Fighting Famine,” an annual charitable runway event in Irvine, have focused on homegrown Muslim talent in recent years.

I’m sure it looks nothing like this:

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