Yodeling to the Chorus Inside the Echo Chamber

June 23, 2013

A Mr. Richard Fader from Ft. Lee, New Jersey Ms. Thea Iberall of Laguna Woods, California, writes to the Los Angeles Times:

Thank you for your editorial on the need to take action on climate change.

With 97% of climate scientists agreeing we have a problem, it is refreshing to see the conversation shift from “is it happening?” to “what can we do?” Anyone not on this bandwagon will drag us all down, so let’s go full out focusing on action.

In this conversation, there is no space for deniers.

Aside from the fact that real climate scientists, quoted by name, agree that there has been no warming for the last 15 years, did you know that 100 percent of people who claim that 97 percent of scientists agree “we have a problem” have no idea what they’re talking about?  For if they did, they would realize there’s no way even to count every climate scientist and that it’s therefore impossible survey their opinions accurately.

This appeal to phony authority is an essential part of thought fascism.  It results in an us-against-them, “anyone not on this bandwagon” is a “denier” attitude, which ironically is itself anti-scientific.  So true believers like Thea Iberall alienate the very people they’re trying to convince.  What the average skeptic, who learned in elementary-school science that plant life requires carbon dioxide, sees in letters like this is frustrated foot stomping, not a persuasive argument.

It’s no wonder that anthropogenic global warming is such a hard sell outside the true-believers bubble.

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